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If you have a passion for cooking, then you know that preparing a great meal starts with having the right tools. All of the best kitchen knife focusing on affordability, sharpness and all-around functionality are all present in this article. Whether you are just beginning your culinary endeavors or are a seasoned chef we’ll get you up to speed on the best kitchen knives out there today.


The Zyliss Control 8″ Chef’s Knife can be purchased for just $30 making it affordable to pretty much anyone looking to upgrade their current cutlery set, but don’t confuse the low price point with low quality. Even at such a low price this knife makes easy work of any chopping, mincing, slicing or dicing task you throw at it and its well-designed ergonomic handle fits comfortably into both large and small hands meaning you won’t experience forearm fatigue during your work. Probably one of the most attractive selling points of this knife for budget consumers is the fact that it is dishwasher safe unlike many other chef’s knives. Its German steel blade is rust-resistant and easy to resharpen when needed.


If razor sharpness and precision cuts are a must for you, then consider the Chubo Kazan Hammered Santoku. This blade will cost you about $205 but for this price it’s razor sharpness is hard to beat. The Hammered Santoku’s blade is a Japanese powdered steel blend and its hammered finish keeps foods from sticking to it which is important considering its exceptional ability to cut such thin slices. This blade is thin enough to seemingly glide through soft foods such as tomatoes yet tough enough to handle more fibrous foods such as carrots. However, due to its thinness and specialization for thin slicing this blade is not recommended for tougher tasks such as cutting through bone.

All-Around Functionality

Rounding out the list is the Global GN-006 Santoku which can be acquired for a more reasonable $120. This knife boasts an all stainless steel design which means food particles wont get caught in any joint crevices and cleaning is a breeze. Staying true to its name, Santoku – which means “three virtues” or “three uses” in Japanese – this blade is well-balanced and great for slicing dicing and mincing. However, what lands this blade into the all-around functionality category is its ability to power through chicken bones which is quite a feat considering the fine balance between sharpness and durability required.

Whether you are looking to deck out your kitchen with the best of the best or are just looking to make a minor upgrade of your current kitchen knife set, this list will help you get started and know what to look for when you are ready to upgrade your kitchen knife set.

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Awesome Wusthof Kitchen Knives

Wusthof Knives : The Best Kitchen Knives I’ve Used!

If you’re a fan of the legendary Wusthof, you’ll like my best kitchen knife post today. I am going to tell you about the 4 Wusthof knives that I have in my kitchen. Every kitchen needs a chef’s knife, a paring knife, a boning knife and a serrated knife. I have a Wusthof kitchen knife for each, read more here.

Wusthof Ikon Chef’s Knife

Best Chef Knife

Known as the Chef’s Knife or the Cook’s knife, this is my favorite heavy hitter. It feels just a little heavier compared to other similar Chef’s Knife. The Ikon I use has a white handle that matches the interior of my black and white themed kitchen perfectly. The reason I like the added weight that this knife has is because it slices and chops effortlessly. The heft of the knife allows it to glide easily while chopping. Besides the classic design, the size of the 8-inch blade is perfect for me. I wouldn’t want anything longer or shorter than an 8-inch knife.

Wusthof Pro Paring Knife

Best pairing knife


Since I already have a over-sized Chef’s knife, I wanted a tiny pairing knife that could carve and fit into nooks and cranny of vegetables or fruits. The Wusthof Pro is a 3 ½ inch paring knife that is really cheap yet performs exceptionally. It is easy to control and really comes in handy when you’re trying to clean and slice bell peppers or tomatoes.

Wusthof Classic Boning Knife

best wusthof boning kitchen knife

Boning knives are tricky. If you pick the wrong knife, it’ll be in your dumpster quite fast. Boning knives are thin and flexible. That is a plus only if you have ones that have blades that’s made from quality steel. Take for example my personal favorite, the Wusthof Classic Boning Knife. It has a flexible blade that easily twists and bends to strip meat from the bones of poultry and bovine.

Wusthof Classic Bread Knife

kitchen knife for bread

You can use a serrated knife for cakes or bread. The Wusthof Classic bread knife I have has an 8 inch blade and a triangular tip. The design of this knife makes it really easy to slice through soft or crumbly items. I use my serrated knife whenever I want to slice thick loaves of my freshly baked bread. I have friends who serrated knives it to slice up thick skinned fruit too. It is a real lifesaver. Thanks to the jagged edges, there are less crumbs of whatever I am taking a slice out of.

I feel these knives are practical and beautiful. Some of them may be a little pricey but they are worth it. It’s easy to cook if you have the right tools. Preparing food is a sacred art, with the right knives you’re more than ready to create a masterpiece.

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General Ideas

Fate of the Furious 8

Since my mother is a big fan of the Fast and Furious series, I have to endure watching car racing movies instead of Kim Possible when I was younger. However times have changed and I grew to love this series as much as my mom did. She was over the moon when Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson decided to join the franchise but my heart still belonged to Vin Diesel.



When the 8th instalment came out, my mother dragged me to the cinema at 10.30am which was the earliest slot to watch it. It was kinda sad not seeing Paul Walker on the big screen anymore but the movie was still interesting. Charlize Theron who played as Cipher made me want to strangle her throughout the entire movie. I mean kidnapping Dominic’s baby that he had with Elena was not cool. Especially when she killed her in front of him to prove a point.


The part where Dominic killed Ian Shaw was really a plot twist for me but I realised it wasn’t the biggest one yet. I honestly recommend watching this movie. If you’re not a fan yet, I suggest you sign yourself up for a movie marathon of the entire Fast and Furious franchise. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


Looking Forward To :

Can’t wait to check out Vin Diesel playing as Baby Groot in the new Guardians of the Galaxy : Vol 2! Even though he’s a tree, he still rocks. In addition to that, I really love the old tunes Star-Lord plays.

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